Facility Management

Optimizes the value of your property

Operational management

IFM provides technical management of real estate and the full range of facility management & facility services.

Maintenance / Inspection / Fire protection

Through IFM's services you ensure the optimization of the yield and value of your real estate, the optimum availability and service life of building facilities

Energy management

Identify potential savings and achieve savings - it's good for the environment and good for your budget
"At ÖAMTC we need service providers who are just as customer-focused as we are for our members. In IFM, we have found an ideal partner who provides facility management services that are correct in terms of quality and deadlines. We can rely on IFM's employees 100%".
Michael Köck, Deputy Head of Facility Management, Team Leader Technology, ÖAMTC

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Technical management from a professional

The requirements for building maintenance and modern building services are continuously increasing. IFM is a professional in the technical management of real estate and provides the full range of facility management & facility services.

Outsourcing to us provides optimal support in meeting all these requirements and creates freedom to concentrate on your own core competencies.

Value optimization

In addition, with real estate management from IFM, you ensure that the yield and value of your real estate are optimized.

In practice, this means effective availabilities, long service life of building equipment, highly efficient workplaces and living spaces, and thus high quality in use.

What we do for you?

Operational management in good hands

Our experienced, highly trained facility managers are responsible for the technical and infrastructural operational management on site. We will manage your property, inspect and maintain your technical equipment, ensure safety inspections, prepare test reports and, in the event of a fault, ensure that the problem is rectified on site within the shortest possible time.
In addition, we assess the control and maintenance requirements for building services equipment and draw up individual action plans, provide support in the repair and adaptation of technical building equipment and in large and small construction projects with consulting, planning, implementation, controlling and accounting. So that everything always runs smoothly in your property!
"At IFM, the focus is on teamwork. I appreciate the harmonious working atmosphere and family-like togetherness. This is also reflected in our successes; for example, we were able to convince a customer with our work at his main base, so that we were also commissioned with other bases."
Stefan Werber, Team Leader Technical Facility Management, with IFM for 14 years

Our maintenance services

As a property owner, it is important to you to maintain or even optimize the value of your property. This requires - as with a car - regular inspections and maintenance, because only then can damage be prevented in time.

... what the IFM team does for it:

Ongoing maintenance

We implement our ongoing, holistic maintenance in accordance with relevant standards and laws or manufacturer specifications.

This includes, for example, readjustment, lubrication, function-maintaining cleaning, refilling of operating materials or consumables and the replacement of wear parts.

Legal findings

Our team takes over the preparation of legal findings for facilities subject to inspection.

These include electrical protection, lightning protection and ventilation.


Our manufacturer-independent maintenance and servicing of all technical systems and equipment concerns, among others:

Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, control and regulation systems, smoke and heat exhaust systems, doors and gates, windows, intercoms, locksmith work, sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, wet and dry risers.

Fire protection

Our self-control according to
TRVB O 120 includes the inspection and documentation of escape routes to ensure that all escape route luminaires are kept clear and functioning properly, as well as a monthly functional check of the emergency lighting (pictograms).

Our fire protection officers are trained according to TRVB O 117.


Our inspections include measures to determine and assess the ACTUAL condition of your property.

We perform the inspections according to the inspection cycle for optimization and planning of maintenance according to DIN 31051.

Energy management

We analyze your energy consumption and check your technical equipment for optimal settings. In many cases, this can already identify savings potentials that lead to significant savings without much effort.

Our areas of responsibility in facility management

Facility management includes numerous tasks that are essential for real estate. Below you will find an overview.
Operational management
Technical management
Assumption of operator responsibility within the meaning of the GewO (German Trade Regulation Act)
Keeping evidence of the inspection obligations in terms of operator responsibility
Elevator Management
Fire protection officer, preventive fire protection
Link and first point of contact for tenants and apartment owners
Parking operation
Project Management
Project management and expert opinions
Construction and project management, consulting
Cleaning and care
Building cleaning, maintenance cleaning, special cleaning
Winter service
Maintenance of green areas
Economic efficiency
Energy accounting
Plant analyses
Optimize the operating states
Maintaining the value of real estate and equipment
Handyman services, repairs and troubleshooting
Electrical engineering
Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing
Locksmith work
Safety engineering
Telephone and intercom systems
relocations, house transports
24/7/365 "Rasch-Permanent-Secure" emergency service & troubleshooting.

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