Emergency service

24 hours / 365 days there for you

Service readiness

IFM is on standby for service around the clock with its 24-hour/365-day trouble-shooting service.

Emergency management

We at IFM are your specialists for professional and rapid emergency management.


We at IFM will ensure that the fault is rectified. For this we have all the necessary craftsmen and technicians services at hand.
"The exciting thing about IFM is that I also support colleagues who work in other trades. This means I learn something new and can use this additional knowledge in my daily work."
Günther Werner, Emergency and Troubleshooting Services, Carpenter/Fitter Division, with IFM since the beginning

Disruptions occur

Even the best preventive maintenance cannot completely prevent malfunctions. These range from power outages to broken doors or garage doors, stairwell lights or intercoms, and broken windows.

Rapid intervention required

Malfunctions can occur at any time and require rapid intervention and professional emergency management. With IFM, you have your specialist for emergency management in the event of malfunctions at your fingertips.

What we do for you?

Always there for you

Our 24-hour/365-day trouble-shooting service team is on standby for you around the clock all year round - so that you are ideally equipped for emergencies with the "Rasch-Permanent-Secure" service.

Everything from one source

For troubleshooting, we take care of all building-relevant craftsman and technician services related to electrics, gas, water, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, telecommunications as well as carpentry and tinsmith work by highly qualified specialists as part of our emergency management. For quality assurance and control, all emergency reports are documented centrally.

Our areas of responsibility in the fault clearance service

The area of fault clearance service includes all "round-the-clock" measures for holistic fault clearance. Below you will find an overview.
Immediate help
Around the clock - 24 hours and 365 days - "Quick-Permanent-Secure" service
Immediate assistance for troubleshooting or repairs
On-call service with own technicians and craftsmen - avoidance of expensive emergency services
House workers, technicians, and other support services for events, relocations, etc.
Central control station
Central emergency recording and processing
a single point of contact for all faults and emergencies concerning your property
Initiation of the right measures
Avoidance of costly consequential damage
Manufacturer-independent maintenance and servicing of all building services systems and equipment
Electrical engineering
Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing
Locksmith work
Safety engineering
Telephone and intercom systems
relocations, house transports
24/7/365 "Rasch-Permanent-Secure" emergency service & troubleshooting.

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