Electrician services

Electrical engineering for supply security

Holistic electrical engineering

With IFM you have a professional for all areas of electrical engineering at your side.

Security of supply

Our experienced electrical engineers ensure that your electrical and utility systems are in top working order.

Always ready for operation

With IFM you can be sure that your plant complies with all regulations and is always ready for operation.

Holistic electrical engineering for buildings

The optimal care of electrical and building services is important for the supply and safety of real estate. Our electrical engineers have many years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing electrical and utility equipment and systems in all types of buildings.

Safe & ready for operation

We carry out the work in such a way that the ongoing operation of a building is impaired or interrupted as little as possible and safety is ensured in businesses as well as in households.
"I go to work every day very motivated. We are a family team, we exchange ideas with each other, we can rely on each other and we help each other."
Gjelal Morina, site manager and warehouse foreman

What we do for you?

As part of our electrician services, we take care of numerous tasks: from power supply, maintenance work and troubleshooting to electrical surveys.

Power supply

Our highly trained electrical engineers are responsible for ensuring and installing the power supply in buildings. This also includes the installation of lighting systems, electrical installation of automatic doors and gates, escalators and elevators, as well as telephone systems, alarm and surveillance systems, and the power supply of HVAC systems.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

During maintenance work, we check the settings, backups, configurations and pay special attention to compliance with safety regulations and safety standards.
In the event of malfunctions, we determine the causes, replace defective parts and eliminate defects.


An electrical survey must be completed for new leases or remodeling. We take care of it quickly and competently and prepare electrical reports according to the valid regulations. Supervised by IFM, you can be sure that your facilities comply with all regulations and are always ready for operation.

Our areas of responsibility for electrician services

Support and maintenance
Support and maintenance of all types of electrical equipment
Thermography measurements for the identification of problem areas and
Overloading of equipment in electrical distribution boards
Safety devices
Clarification of the feasibility of charging stations for e-cars with the grid operator and professional installation
Rapid troubleshooting and repair in case of power and light failure
Troubleshooting of faulty gate operators, intercom systems, etc.
Electrical installations
Installation of safety devices
Safety lighting of escape and rescue routes
State-of-the-art renovations
Electrical installation of smoke and heat extraction systems
Lightning Protection Findings
Electrical findings according to legal requirements
Documentation of the condition of the electrical installation

Our range of services in electrical engineering is broad!

We are at your disposal for questions, details and further information.

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