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The safety of your property is our top priority - whether it's fixing ailments or locating leaks.
"We solve challenges together as a team. When four different water breakages occurred in one apartment within a very short period of time, it took a lot out of us. But together we repaired the damage to everyone's satisfaction."
Mujacic M., damage restoration, with IFM for 2 years

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Gas, water and heating: central for your property

Gas, water and heating are among the central areas of a property. This makes ongoing professional maintenance and service all the more important. Outsourcing to an experienced gas, plumbing and heating professional like IFM will help preserve the value of your property and keep all systems running safely.

State-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials

Our team of installers will find the right solution for every need, working with the latest technology and high-quality materials and tools. We take care of ailment repair and leak detection, plumbing, heating and gas appliance services.

What we do for you?

As part of our plumbing services, we take care of a wide range of tasks: from repairing ailments and locating leaks, to repairing water damage, to gas boilers, renovating and modernizing plumbing areas, and inspecting gas piping systems.

Breakdown and leak detection

Our reliable, highly trained plumbers will be on the scene immediately if there are any ailments or leaks in your property.

Whether it's pressure pipe or drain line breakage or clogged pipes, we specialize in fixing all types of breakage.

Water damage repair

In the case of water damage, we work with the most modern measuring and analysis equipment, because the cause is often not localizable at first glance. Pipelines usually run "invisibly" in walls, ceilings or floors and damage is therefore visible in places other than where the leak actually is. With our measuring and analysis equipment, we quickly locate the actual damaged area and arrange for the repair.

Gas heaters

We take care of maintenance, new installation and repair of your gas boilers and carry out exhaust gas measurements. With the "all-round carefree package", you can place the annual maintenance of your therme and the legally required flue gas measurement in our experienced hands.

Redevelopment & Modernization

We repair and replace boilers and instantaneous water heaters, and also advise on switching to modern heat pumps. If you want to renovate or redesign your entire wet rooms, you are in just as good hands with our plumbers.

Inspection of gas pipeline systems

Should a leak be discovered during the mandatory inspections of gas pipeline systems, our specialists will quickly and easily ensure that the defect is remedied and the system is sealed. In this way, we guarantee safety and ensure that the connected devices can be used without any worries.

Our services at a glance

Breakdown and leak detection
Leak detection in case of water damage by means of modern measuring and analysis systems
Repair of pressure pipe and drainage pipe breakages
Gas sealing and repair of ailments
Repair or replacement of boilers and instantaneous water heaters
Coordination and communication with the relevant authorities and the gas supplier
Refurbishment & new installation
Renovation and redesign of wet rooms and bathrooms
Heat pump installation
Gas heaters
Gas boiler maintenance
Exhaust gas measurements
New installation of gas boilers

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